My Son Loves this Bible Story

Jan 01 2015

My son loves the Bible story, Daniel and the Lion’s Den. And as a family, we ll sit down and watch these cartoon DVDs from start to finish.

In the early 600’s B.C, Israel was taken over by Babylonia. The biblical Daniel was one of the person’s who was held in captivity.

In the later years of his life, Daniel was over 80 years old. He was a low-level administrator in the kingdom where he lived. He worked hard throughout his live, obedient to God. He was so honest that the other officials were feeling jealous and tried to have him removed from his position. But they could find no reason.

To use Dan’s faith as leverage against him, they convinced Darius (the King at the time) of passing a decree whereby if anyone bear false prayer to anyone other than he the King, than their fate would be left to the Den of Lions.

But Daniel was steadfast, praying to God, despite the King’s decree. He followed his heart and his life-long practice and knelt and prayed to his one God. But he was caught and even though the King loved him, Daniel broke the decree and it could not be over-turned.

The Lion’s den was opened as the sun was setting, and Daniel was pressed in. Throughout the night, the King was sleepless. And as the sun rose, he arrived at the Den, asking Daniel if he was protected by his faith in God. Daniel answered, “My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight. Nor have I ever done any wrong before you, O king.” (Daniel 6:22, NIV)

According Daniel 6:23 (NIV), “…because he had trusted in his God.” his life was spared. This overjoyed the King and, unhurt, Daniel was removed from the Lions den.

As for those who arrested Daniel wrongly, the King had them (and their wives and kids) taken into custody, and all were met with the same fate as Daniel. It was the Lions Den for them. They all perished.

Finally, the God of Daniel, was decreed to be the God the King’s people were to fear and show reverence. Daniel lived and thrived for many years afterward.

We just love these and other animated Bible stories designed to share God’s Word.  When we all sit down, we love to ‘binge watch’ this full Bible Movies for kids, eating lots of popcorn and drinking root beer!  We’ve found that these Bible movies to teach the young folks the Love of God on a daily basis.  Keep the faith!

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Austin is My Favorite City

Dec 12 2014

I totally love Austin Texas for so many reasons.  But the newest and best reason is the new public Circuit of the Americas.  With seating available to accommodate 120,000 screaming spectators, Austin’s Circuit of The Americas is more than just an automotive race track. Yes, here will you discover the best in Formula One US Grand Prix, V-8 SuperCars and MotoGP, but this amazing facility, designed by a German designer, also supports Austin storage world-renowned, top class live public music scene and is home to a top training center for trauma-recovery. Plus, CoTA plans to sponsor and house events including cycle races and running races.

Contributing to the stellar line-up, CoTA, in partnership with Live Nation, the world’s largest live music and entertainment company, brings major concerts to the track’s state-of-the-art Austin360 Amphitheatre.

In May 2014, X Games comes to Austin from all over Texas, including Houston and surrounding areas for storage units in the Central Texas area. The festival will bring amazing action sport professional athletes (over 250 of the very best ones) all in competition for public trophies claiming titles in MotoX, Skateboarding, and Freestyle, BMX Style.

The 3.4 mile circuit track sits on a 1000-acre in south-east public storage Austin, just nine miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. CoTA visitors can get their fill of racing-focused attractions, including a private Motorsports Driving Club and public Karting Track, along with a shopping area, museum and 40,000 square-foot conference and media Center. And near this grand facility, is one of the best self storage businesses around, called AAA Storage. You’ve got to check them out if you’ll be in Austin for a while.

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My Grandson Preparing for Marriage Now?

Oct 09 2014

My Grandson is still a child, and I’ve never thought about him preparing for marriage at such a young age. But then I came across this interesting post from a Youth Minister named Pat Rinker. Here is a snippit:

You’ve dreamed of playing for your high school basketball team since you were in second grade and try outs are approaching. You:

  1. Watch lots of ball games on TV hoping to see some new moves.
  2. Sleep everyday hoping to be well rested for try outs.
  3. Send flowers to your coach hoping to win some points before the season
  4. Set aside an hour everyday to work on your ball-handling and shooting skills, and play games whenever possible.


  1. Good moves take lots of practice, watching them will only show you what you can’t do.
  2. Extra sleep won’t matter if you don’t have the skills on the court.
  3. What if the coach is allergic to flowers, besides season ending trophies appeal more to most coaches.
  4. Great answer, what you practice is what you live. The more you practice the better you will be.

Now you may be asking what does this have to do with marriage. Well, like anything else that we want to do well we can’t just pick it up at the last minute. Fidelity and faithfulness are key ingredients needed to be lived out by both members of this covenant relationship. So the question is how do we practice these two? We could:

Read the rest of this article for best reviews of Youth Ministry Ideas , Brand new Bible Study for youth. He has published a great book called You’re Worth It! Kindle Edition. and a great blog called I know you’ll find them very helpful.

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